It’s like being on a treadmill. In uphill mode.

You want to climb higher with your business.

But you feel stuck. You can’t seem to get where you want to be. 

And you feel like you might run out of energy before you do.

A CEO coach will help you to make the changes needed for you and your business to get out of that situation.

Keep reading to find out how a CEO coach can do that for you (from a founder who has had one), and how you can find a coach that is a good fit for your values and goals.

Why Should You Bother Getting a CEO Coach?

Do you want to be a better leader?

To run a better business? 

And have a happier life?

But you kinda feel isolated… and like that’s just not possible?

Then you need a coach.

Among founders, isolation is surprisingly common — over 70% of business leaders feel alone. And as a result, you don’t feel like you can share your frustrations. 

But, when you have a CEO coach, you eventually have someone that can support you in the process of making changes. 

A coach can

  • Provide space to reflect and make better decisions
  • Help you to simplify your life, for more energy and time
  • Support you in making the changes you need to grow your business

In short, when you have the right coach (and this is very important) the ROI is a positive impact on your life and your business. 

What I Learned From Having a Coach

When you step into the role of CEO, there are internal and external expectations that you have to know everything. 

I did anyway. 

But when I started to work with a coach that I respected and trusted — that changed. 

I found someone that could challenge what I knew. And because I had that respect, I accepted it. 

And I started learning again. 

I was able to 

  • Take a step back from my situation, and look at it for what it was
  • Reflect and think about the best course of action for me
  • Welcome new ideas and ways of executing them

Coaching helped me to see what really needed to change for me to be happy again. And to start planning out (and acting on) how to make it happen, without burning myself out in the process. 

How Do You Find a CEO Coach?

There are no match apps for coaching (yet). So when you decide that it’s time to get a coach, you have to do some digging. 

Sounds laborious, right?

Your search could be much easier than you think.

Search Your Network

For a coach that’s a match to you, it makes sense to start at your proverbial front door. 

Your network is no doubt filled with people that you know, respect, and have varied levels of success — from your peers to those that you look up to. 

So, you’re bound to know a coach, or at the very least, someone who does.

Brainstorm the first people that come to mind, and browse your connections on LinkedIn for some potential leads. Start sending messages and see what comes back. 

By using the 6 degrees of separation rule, you could find a CEO coach that fits you, your business, and the kind of growth you want to see.

Word of Mouth

Know someone who can’t stop talking about the progress they’re making with their executive coach?

Get their contact details. 

Word of mouth is the fastest and most reliable way to find someone that you can relate to. Because you’re going through someone that you already have a connection with.

The referral loop doesn’t stop there. Coaches tend to know coaches. 

So if you get on a call, and they aren’t a good fit — there’s a chance they can refer you to someone who might be.

Coach Search Tools

If neither of the above has proven fruitful — it’s possible to search for accredited coaches online.

As the popularity of coaching continues to grow, there are more and more executive coach certifications that aren’t official. 

Accreditation comes with the acronyms like ACC, PCC, or MCC – that means they’re part of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and have done their time in executive coach training.

The ICF website has a list of all of their accredited coaches that’s open for public viewing. It’s a great place to start if you don’t have any leads.

Likewise, if you find a coach, but you’re unsure of their training, the ICF has a handy verification tool on their website to help you.

What Are the Signs a Coach is Good?

A good coach is one that you click with… and matches your experience and needs. 

The former is addressed in a discovery call — it’s the only way to know. And for the latter, a little research can go a long way. 

You can look at,

Their Personal Experience

Only CEOs know the CEO experience. 

Others can try and empathise… but if they haven’t been through it, it feels like they’re missing the point.

A quick and easy sense check for a coach is looking at work experience and what they are talking about on LinkedIn.

Are their talking points resonating with your own personal journey?

Then maybe they can help. 

If THEY Have a Coach

Would you take business advice from someone who had only read a book on it? 

Probably not. 

When you have a coach, you go through the unique process of having time and space to actively make changes in your life. That otherwise you don’t have.

A coached coach has empathy. Because they’ve been in a similar position to you. 

This is not to preach or tell you what to do. 

But to better know what questions to ask and when to offer practical advice from experience.

With this in mind, don’t hesitate to ask a coach if they have (or have had) a coach as a prerequisite to becoming one. You can consider it a form of training. 

Authentic Testimonials

We all love a good success story.

But is it one that echoes what you want? 

Testimonials paint a picture of what this particular coaching experience is like.

Things to look out for are

  • Transformation stories that match your vision
  • Similarly challenging situations
  • A focus on an area you want to work on

Paying attention to testimonials helps you to find a good fit… and quickly flag anything that doesn’t.

For example, if you’re looking to get your personal life back on track, and the testimonials only talk about revenue boosts, you’re probably not going to match.

What Is the Coaching Process Like? 

When you have a CEO coach, the focus isn’t just on business. It’s on your personal life too. And how they fit together.

Most of the people that come to me have jettisoned their personal life. 

So, a big part of my mission is re-integrating what I think is a huge part of success — friends, family, and health.

Here are the first 3 steps you’ll through at The Peer Effect to get you there. 

Identifying the Vision

The process of identifying what you want to get out of coaching is a little more than just fixing burnout. 

To find a solution to a problem, it’s always helpful to look at the bigger picture. 

So for me, the first step is to look at your life from a broader perspective and identify what your vision is.

This is a chance to dream big, but also seriously ask yourself what you want in life. Not just in business.

That includes

  • What your role is in your business
  • How much time you have for yourself, and others
  • Thinking about where you see yourself in 5 year’s time

When you look at your business and life and really ask yourself what you want out of it, you get an honest answer, without feeling like you should hold back. 

Plan Backward from Your Target

One of the most difficult parts of making changes to your life is getting started.

It’s overwhelming. And it’s really no wonder. It’s a tricky journey.

That’s why, personally, I like to plan backward from the vision to make the transition easier to digest. 

It simplifies a distant goal. 

By looking at how to make small steps — you edge closer to the overarching goal, and don’t get overwhelmed in the process. Which makes getting going that much easier.

Preparing You to Be Future Fit

Do you feel ready to take on the physical and mental strains that having a business comes with?

Or are you grinning and bearing it?

There was a survey in 2022 that analysed the mental health of entrepreneurs, and in it, 63% reported burnout

Too many entrepreneurs are bearing it.

Combatting that requires a re-prioritisation. Putting yourself first. 

When you take care of yourself first — you can offer your best to your business. 

You’re more energised, and therefore able to make better decisions. And better serve your team.

And you’re not going to run yourself into the ground doing it. 

So a huge part of working with me is about learning to integrate time for yourself into your working day.

By doing so, you maximise your chances of business success with a happy circle (family, friends and team).

Ready to Find a CEO Coach?

Whether you’re stuck or feeling on the edge of burnout — a CEO coach can help you to make the changes necessary to have a healthier and more successful journey.

But they have to be a good fit for you. 

If you think that I might be the one to help you — book a discovery call with me today.