Tim is the Founder of EchoMany. After a pivotal moment in its lifecycle, the agency secured 45 blue-chip clients in the first year.

Today, Tim takes us back to February 2018, 

The Cambridge Analytica scandal just happened.

From that moment, Tim’s agency has faced some dark times.

Facebook clamped down on app development which led to lost clients and campaign struggles.

Making the best out of a bad situation

He was all in but with no way to deliver his product.

He’d shut a successful tech development agency to focus on this big potential product which had gained insane traction.

What could he do now?

More challenges down the road

Launching a new product presented a range of challenges, from working with high-profile clients like Universal Pictures and Marriott Hotels to developing a successful prototype for personalised video trailers. 

Despite having a lot of immediate success, running this new venture was not a walk in the park.

However, EchoMany remained committed, continually scaling and reinvesting profits into the platform. Their story highlights the importance of perseverance and dedication in the face of challenges.

In today’s episode of Future Fit Founder, Tim and I discussed his process of adapting during a moment of crisis and coming out stronger.

In this episode we also discuss,

  • Difficult decisions to make when things are going wrong
  • Making the best of a negative situation
  • The importance of an exit strategy

As today’s episode wraps up, we are left with a powerful note on navigating a start-up through a major crisis and emerging stronger.

Overall, the episode offered a wealth of insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders, from navigating through crises and making tough decisions to the transformative power of coaching and reflection. 

The experiences shared by Tim provide valuable lessons on resilience, reinvention, and the journey of a start-up.