I made a guest appearance on Dustin Serviss’ podcast, The Picture of Wealth. We talk about typical things I help coach people on and a little about my personal coaching journey. 

Across the business world, you can see a shift in awareness. 

Founders are realising that the job is really cool. But it’s also really hard.

There are two things that I often see with founders I coach,

  • They give a lot of support to others and don’t get any in return
  • They put their personal life on the back burner to focus on their business

And both lead to burnout.

Dustin summarises this really well with the concept of no one sending founders an email to approve them taking Friday off.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to choose a different path and get that different outcome — by yourself.

Choosing to Take a Step Back and Reassess Your Vision

Hustle culture promotes going faster to reach your goals. But the reality is, it doesn’t work.

In my coaching, I have two things that remedy this

  • Stopping everything and plan where you want to go
  • Taking care of yourself to get there

When you’ve been taught to go fast, these two concepts can be tough to grasp and apply to your life.

So many people believe that if you don’t “appear” to work really hard, your staff will not do the same.

But do staff want to look up to someone who is overworked?

Or do they want to look up to someone who has a crystal clear vision for the business?

The First Step in the Coaching Process 

For me, the first thing that I look at with new clients is their vision — what success is, and what it looks like to them.

At some point between school, college and getting a job, you decided what success was.

A nice car…

An office looking out across the city…

A certain size of paycheck…

But — is that still what you want?

For most, the answer is no. And they haven’t even thought about it.

Coaching offers a chance to reevaluate that.

Within the first 3 months, you can

  • Set out a clear vision
  • Plan backward from that vision
  • Throw out what you don’t need
  • Start making some changes

As founders, we inherently have lots of ideas. And we want to explore them.

But not all of these ideas align with your vision for the business. With this process, you can start to throw out what isn’t important and focus on where you’re going.

In this episode, I talk with Dustin about 

  • Challenging habits as a founder
  • How having a family has forced us to reevaluate priorities
  • Being healthy and achieving more

Tune in for more insights from Dustin and me as we discuss how establishing healthy habits and having a clear vision has helped make the changes necessary in our lives.