Sharath is the Founder of Intrinsic Labs. Sharath is a recognised author and trainer on inflection points, coming up with a new book in January called “Inflection”.

He is no stranger to navigating tough leadership moments.

Sharath has dedicated his career to guiding organizations through inflection points.

Sharath focuses on the inflection points, to guide leaders towards making informed decisions.

He shares his expertise on how to anticipate these moments and start prepping for them well in advance.

Sharath argues that the best leaders are those who can see these moments coming and start preparing for them in advance.

This involves cultivating a fresh perspective and audacity and creating an environment where every voice matters.

Creating deeper meaning

Drawing on real-life examples, we reveal how a tech startup in South Africa used an inflection point to shift its focus for a more meaningful impact on its users.

Our conversation also touches on the profound impact of coaching on leaders.

Continuous learning and growth are essential for leaders, and coaching plays a vital role in facilitating this process.

Sharath stresses that leaders should always be learning, evolving, and seeking new ways to improve their leadership skills. He then provides a glimpse into his upcoming book and his work with leaders, which further underlines the importance of coaching in leadership development.

In today’s episode, we also talk about:

  • The cost of inaction
  • The power of reflection moments
  • Using the threat of the future to shift the present 

Tune in and listen to Sharath Jeevan share his expertise and offer a roadmap for turning these challenging moments into opportunities for growth and transformation. He provides a valuable resource for leaders seeking to navigate their own inflection points, whether you’re in the midst of a crisis or simply curious about the concept.