Sam is the Founder of Kurogo, which has built over 100 personal brands for Founders and CEOs. Sam built a 12-person agency by 24.

Today he takes us to June 2022.

He has been completely blindsided by the sudden departure of a key member from his agency.

This left him questioning everything…

His capability to succeed as an agency owner…

Whether he will be able to serve his clients or not…

And even the survival of his business.

From Emotional Response to Strategic Action

Sam shared his initial response of panic, but then he managed to harness his emotional response, using it to his advantage.

This is a powerful example of how we can detach our personal value from business performance, replacing it with the effort we put in and the response we have.

Through this crisis, Sam learned to pivot from an emotional response to acceptance and strategic action, a valuable lesson for entrepreneurs.

In this episode we discuss,

  • Living up to your achievements 
  • Transitioning from one business to another
  • The importance of seeing challenges as opportunities

Sam also pointed out the importance of separating yourself, your team, and the business, which allows you to stretch and grow, and to reframe moments of panic as challenges. 

This approach is a testament to the power of honesty and transparency in business transitions, leading to more positive outcomes for yourself and your reputation.

Today’s episode leaves us with a lesson about the importance of seeing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
Sam emphasises that developing this mindset can empower entrepreneurs to detach their personal value from business performance.

It also underscores the importance of honesty and transparency during business transitions, providing real-world advice and inspiration for anyone facing a daunting challenge in their entrepreneurial journey.

Tune in today and listen to Sam Winsbury as he shares insights on detaching personal value from business performance. This is a must-listen for anyone facing challenges in their entrepreneurial journey.