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Hard won insights and tips from successful founders. Stop by weekly and fuel your journey with the inspiration and network of your peers.

Weekly Episodes

Inspiring perspectives

Real-life stories hit differently. Learn from the critical decisions of others. See your own challenges in a new light.

Vulnerable leadership

A side that not everyone sees. But one that you can relate to. An honest account of what really happens. And what really works!

Innovative solutions

The pool of people who can share actionable advice shrinks as you progress. Learn from those late stage founders and experts who are right there with you

A Podcast to Fuel Your Journey

As founders we’re sold a lie. The journey has to be tough. Isolation is normal. We have to choose between work and life. On this podcast James Johnson, renowned coach to Series A+ founders, explores a better way. One where you build a great business and a great life.

It’s time to take back control. The answers are out there. Your peers have already uncovered hard-won insights, practical tips and people to look out for.

That’s the Peer Effect.

Tune in every Wednesday for 30 minutes that will inspire new thoughts, avoid expensive mistakes and keep you energised. 

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"Jim Rohn famously said that "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." If this is true then you should endeavour to make James one of those people.

Smart, driven and open to learning in a quickly changing economic landscape James is an exciting business leader. He is building a community that will benefit all those that become part of it. James cares about the relationships he builds.

A rare breed in business James is one of the good guys."

james o'donnell

the employer branding guy

What's on the Show...

Weekly guests

Listen to experienced entrepreneurs who've scaled multiple businesses — and learned a thing or two.

Raw insights

Each founder's story is unfiltered. The fun thing (for me anyway) is we keep it that way.

A fly on the wall

Ever wondered what happens behind closed doors? This is your chance to get in on those conversations.

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