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There’s a saying that “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

With curated peer group coaching, that’s just not possible.

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"I've successfully fundraised twice this year and the advice and comradeship of Peer Group, both helped with some of the tricky practical decision-making and with keeping me sane on the rollercoaster of a journey! It's the unique mix of supreme trust, empathy and expertise that makes this group so valuable."

tara Button

FOUNDER @ Buy Me Once

As a founder, how do you grow?

You grow your business. 

You help your team to grow. 

But what about you? 

As the leader it's hard to get the feedback needed to learn and grow. People communicate with their own agenda.

Investors and board members are interested in the progress of the business. Your staff are interested in keeping their jobs.

So there’s no room for you to get feedback that has your interests at heart.

For that, you need other founders.

Meet your peers.

Imagine being in a space where people are willing to challenge you.

They are interested in your growth. And you in theirs.

Who are

Also founders
At a similar stage in their career
Have similar experiences to you
Want to become better

Their experience results in some of the best advice you’ve ever received.

You feel supported, challenged and tested in the most positive way possible.

Because of this, you’re more confident. You’re making better decisions. And this is all trickling into you becoming a better leader too.

You don’t feel like you’re doing business alone.

But as part of a community.

Peer Group Coaching Sessions

Set time aside to connect with your peers.

Carefully curated groups of maximum 10 like-minded founders from non-competitive businesses. A foundation for founders to grow in a supportive setting. Built on common values, similar skill sets and a desire to share experiences.

Peer Group only


Per Quarter

Annual individual strategy session
Monthly 2.5 hour structured group session
Free regular contact with up to 9 other founders

Peer Group plus 1-on-1 coaching


Per Quarter

Annual individual strategy session
Monthly 2.5 hour structured group session
Free regular contact with up to 9 other founders
Monthly 1.5 hour coaching session
Ad hoc support
Clear objectives
Coaching to meet those objectives

What's in it for you?

Peer group coaching is a chance to meet other founders with varying levels of experience who will offer...

Strategic feedback

Sense check your ideas. Discuss your next move with other experts. Explore the possibilities for your vision.

Practical advice

Explore all of the realistic solutions for your problems. Talk through projects with experienced professionals. See things from a broader perspective.


Set goals as part of a team of founders. Get support to achieve ambitions. Check-in on each other's progress in a comfortable setting.


Why is peer-to-peer learning important?

You tend to listen more to those who have the experience to back what they are saying, right?

This is why peer-to-peer learning works so well. You listen. You learn more because the stories and experiences are relatable. And you receive advice that you wouldn’t normally have access to. 

It's like having an incredible board of non-executive directors, but that totally have your back!

What is peer group coaching?

Peer group coaching is a space for like-minded individuals to gather together for the collective purpose of improving themselves… but together. The coaching session allows them support each other and share their own experiences and advise. The coach’s role is to ensure that you stick to the proven framework and propose questions to guide the discussion when needed.

What is the benefit of peer group coaching?

The greatest benefit of choosing peer coaching is the support and advice that you receive from your peers in this setting.

With an experienced but external perspective your peers can spot underlying challenges and options more easily.

As individuals with similar experiences but different skillsets, you’re able to challenge each other and grow in a way that is not possible without peer coaching. You have the space and time to discuss problems at length and come to a solution with the input of other experts.

What is the difference between peer group coaching and mentoring?

The difference between peer coaching and mentoring is in the role of the coach.

In peer group coaching, the coach’s role is to prompt questions and facilitate. In peer group mentoring, the coach’s role is to offer their own insights on the situation and help the group to resolve their issues on a given topic by guiding them to it.

"My Peer Group has been my brain exercise this last year. Being able to talk and listen to experienced leaders in different fields has helped me look at problems from various angles and get much better solutions."

oras Al-Kubaisi

FOUNDER @ job description AI


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