Over the last 16 years, David Valentine's businesses have accounted for $1 billion. He currently runs 8 businesses that are well on their way to the same success. His primary project is Avadel Agency.

Today, we’re going back to a very specific time — the 20th January, 2017.

It was a restless night before Dave was set to fire his best friend and business partner.  To add to this difficult decision, he was staying at his house.

Dave felt sick, he couldn’t sleep. The conversation he was about to have played out in his head again and again.

He knew that he had to fire him but he didn’t want to lose him as a friend.

What led up to this moment?

To backtrack a little here, Dave and his friend started their business back in 2013.

Dave was a good copywriter — his friend, a designer.

The business started off well.

But the relationship grew in different directions as the years went on. And so did their vision for the business.

Dave had a wife and kid…. and another on the way. He needed to provide for his family. And to do so, he was working two full-time jobs, as well as bartending in the evenings.

On top of that, Dave was envisioning multiple businesses. Hiring full teams. He wanted to make the business more than a success.

But his friend was comfortable. His wife was making good money…

He wanted a lifestyle job. And was happy with only having one or two employees.

Dave and his friend were two people on different paths. With very different needs and visions for the business.

The turning point

Dave set an agreed a timeline for a client project, and his friend couldn’t hit it…

Because he didn’t want to work more than a 40-hour week.

As a result, the client didn’t just want his money back, he wanted to sue.

This is the event that leads up back to the 20th January, 2017.

When Dave was about to fire his best friend.

It was in a conference room of a co-working space. He was physically shaking. The words stuttered as they came out of his mouth.

This was the hardest talk he’s ever done…. And it was in a private space, to just one person.


Learnings from making difficult decisions

In this episode, Dave explores the situation from a different perspective — the person he is today. Knowing that the version of himself back in 2017 unable to listen to what he had to do until it was forced upon him.

He covers

The genesis of his business
Gut feelings and focusing on the body’s signals
The process that helped to better serve his businesses

Dave has been on an incredible journey. And pinpoints his key events down to specific dates. 

Now with business flowing, Dave recounts that if it wasn’t for the struggle that led to this moment, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Tune in for more insights on the raw, honest and rather bumpy road to success.