After much success with Just Park, Lucy started her founder journey with Kitt, who succeeded in fundraising $8.4 million in the midst of pandemic.

Let’s journey back to March, 2020.

Now that we’re “out of the mud” with the pandemic, it’s a time that few people reflect on.

Nevertheless, there are many lessons to be learned.

For Lucy Minton, she was just starting out in her first founder venture with Kitt. A company that finds, designs, and opens office spaces for companies.

Lucy had done her research, she had a big vision to revolutionise the office working industry. And she knew what she had to do.

But despite not being in mainstream news, the pandemic created industry changes that Lucy couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

Overnight, people had gone from loving and enjoying work-office culture to championing the work-from-home trend.

Her business had gone from being “one to watch” to investors refusing to touch the industry.

How can you keep your head up high in so much uncertainty?

One quote stuck in her mind:

“Out of crisis comes opportunity”

Lucy was in the long game. She saw being the unpopular opinion as a sign that she was on the right track. It was an opportunity to create something special.

In this episode, we talk a lot about

 - The recipe for building a strong business
 - Tips for critically thinking about how to change an industry
 - Founder naivety and making decisions in uncertain situations

And how the support of more experienced, wiser founders helped her to keep her vision strong.

This chat was a great reminder of how being future fit helps you to remain headstrong when your vision goes against the grain.