Jeff Greenfield is a serial entrepreneur who's most recent founder venture is Provalytics. His thought leadership has been featured on Bloomberg, Investor's Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal. 

How would you approach being a founder again — if you had the chance?

In today’s episode with Jeff Greenfield, this is the question we dive into.

Jeff had always been a founder. But in 2018, he exited.

As all founders are, Jeff was all in with his business. Constantly thinking of ideas. His employees were his family. Which often meant interrupting his real family time to address immediate issues. Having a healthy work-life balance was not Jeff's top priority.

His turning point?

Feeling anxious when switching off his phone for a family weekend away. And then, sleeping for 14 hours straight.

This was the red flag. Something needed to change.

When Jeff exited, he took on a job. He became an employee. And this role reversal taught him a lot.

He went from constantly having his phone on loud to switching off the computer on Friday, and not thinking about work until Monday morning.

Something founders can only dream of.

But when the job felt too safe, Jeff realised that his time as an employee was up. It was time to jump back into the risks and challenges of being a founder.

Re-entering Founder Life with a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Being an employee exposed Jeff to a life of rest, relaxation, time with his family… and work. He could switch off at any time, guilt-free. And he wasn’t ready to let go of it.

In this chat, we talk about Jeff’s feelings when he was going back into the game in early 2022.

He recounts

practical habits that helped him to achieve work-life integration
tips to keep the creativity flowing
boundaries in and out of work to keep stress levels down
how prioritising rest has allowed him to become a future-fit founder

Jeff is a prime example of how working to achieve a healthy work-life balance can help you to deliver more, and become reliable, energised support to your team as your business grows.

This week’s episode is filled with valuable insights from someone who has truly seen both sides of the business.