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Weekly coaching chats with successful founders. Be a fly on the wall of pivotal business moments and £m decisions.

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Weekly Episodes

Inspiring perspectives

Real-life stories hit differently. Learn from the critical decisions of others. See your own challenges in a new light.

Vulnerable leadership

A side that not everyone sees. But one that you can relate to. An honest and emotional exposé of how founders are affected by the pressure.

Innovative solutions

Catch-22s worth £ms. But they found a way out. Learn from those who have already been there. And what they know now.

A Podcast for Brave Founders

On this podcast, the founder coaching door is open.

Each week, a founder enters the spotlight in a previously confidential chat with me, James Johnson.

The Future Fit Founder podcast puts game-changing moments under the lens, taking founders back to some of their toughest moments in business. We to explore what they did, what their options were, the decisions made... and what they can learn when looking back with a fresh perspective.

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"Jim Rohn famously said that "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." If this is true then you should endeavour to make James one of those people.

Smart, driven and open to learning in a quickly changing economic landscape James is an exciting business leader. He is building a community that will benefit all those that become part of it. James cares about the relationships he builds.

A rare breed in business James is one of the good guys."

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the employer branding guy

Founder Podcast Favourites

Surviving Fundraising without Burnout

Alex van Klaveren is the founder of Kandidate. And in this episode, he takes us to a very specific day — the one where he reached rock bottom in the middle of 1st round of fundraising.

Alex learned a lot. And now he shares his experience, the impact, and what practical advice he can offer to future fundraisers.

Overcoming Sunk Cost Fallacy

Today, we go back with Tara Button — founder of Buy Me Once — to discuss the all-important “relaunch”.

Her website, and platform, was not doing her growing business any favours. But her big launch day was initially a flop. What did she do wrong?

Debating a $50m Exit

This week we jump back to 2014 with Indus Khaitan, founder of Quolum. Indus was offered a game-changing exit deal with Oracle. A turning point in history for Indus as a Founder and the tech world.

I guide Indus through the challenges that the decision presented and explore his learnings from it.

What's on the Show...

Weekly guests

Listen to experienced entrepreneurs who've scaled multiple businesses — and learned a thing or two.

Raw insights

Each founder's story is unfiltered. The fun thing (for me anyway) is we keep it that way.

A fly on the wall

Ever wondered what happens behind closed doors? This is your chance to get in on those conversations.

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