Christoffer is the Co-Founder of, the first truly affordable wind turbines for off-grid housing & rural homes. has recently done a successful Kickstarter campaign and is about to do a product launch.

Chris is an exceptional engineer, who didn’t have a lot of background in the business space.

Looking back, in March 2020, Christoffer was navigating a challenging time.

At the time, the business he started with his Co-Founder, Andreas, was about to close down.

He sat down with Andreas and the team, they discussed the closing down situation and ended up brainstorming.

This led them to shift their vision, take their failures and turn those into lessons.

They started exploring a variety of markets for wind turbines and made a decision.

The new wind turbine technology has the potential to make power 20 times cleaner than current wind turbines, with only 10% of the material consumption.

The potential of their game-changing wind turbine technology inspired the team to continue their work, even in times of uncertainty. 

Slow and steady wins the race

In this episode, Chris shares the importance of taking small steps. It is key to have the right people around you to create a sustainable business. 

We discuss the risks of pushing too hard and growing too quickly, as well as the advantages of using 3D printing to keep tooling and filament costs low. 

Chris also highlighted the importance of having lead investors who can help solve problems and share their strategies for sustainable business growth.

In today’s episode, we also talk about:

  • The idea of failing and succeeding as a team
  • Focusing on the internal goals rather than the outside pressure
  • The importance of choosing the right investors

This is a lesson, in which we learn that after a major setback, Chris and his team turned their crisis into an opportunity, channelling their passion for technology and prototyping into creating a game-changing wind turbine. 

This isn’t just about technology—it’s about strategic growth and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. 

From building a sustainable business model to reducing costs through 3D printing, our conversation focuses on the strategic thinking and problem-solving involved in entrepreneurship.

Tune in and listen to Chris as he shares his setbacks in his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges of mitigating business issues as an engineer, and discuss the importance of coaching to further explore potential moments and gain more knowledge.