Veronika is the CFO of Everphone, a one-stop solution for corporate smartphones and tablets, with over 300 employees and over 350k devices out in the market.

Looking back at her journey, Veronika can confirm being a CFO is more than meets the eye.

Veronika opens up about the vital role of trust in her relationship with the founder of Everphone. 

With her financial insights, see how marketing strategies and operations decisions can be informed and directed. 

Veronika walks us through her journey to becoming the CFO, highlighting the strategic timing and importance of cash flow in business. 

She is showcasing insights into navigating data, logistical challenges and how to use numbers to drive business strategy, demonstrating the broader scope of CFOs.

The role of a CFO

In this episode, Veronika and I take a deep dive into the world of a CFO and the value they bring beyond the balance sheet.

In today’s episode, we also talk about:

  • The importance of involving the CFO in key business decisions
  • When a founder should consider hiring a CFO
  • The broader scope of a CFO’s responsibilities.

We also discuss the role of the CFO in a company, which is not just about handling finances. 

It’s about strategising, problem-solving, and adding value. It’s about building relationships, driving business strategy, and shaping the company’s success.

Veronika also shares some valuable advice for future founders. 

Building and retaining the right team, fostering trust, and maximising resources are essential for success. Involving the CFO in key decisions can help founders make the best use of their resources and reach their goals.

This podcast episode is a testament to the unseen value of the CFO, providing a fresh perspective on the pivotal role they play in business success.

Tune in and listen to Veronika explain that CFOs are not just number crunchers, but strategic powerhouses shaping the success of businesses.