Sybil helps people to structure their giving strategy to non-profits. She’s the founder of Do Your Good, offering resources, online courses and cohorts to help non-profits and philanthropic agencies hone in on their proposals and fundraisers.

It’s 2012. 

Sybil is in the middle of her divorce. And has just started listening to a podcast… which was quite a new concept at the time.

She found one where the host was talking about entrepreneurs… and didn’t really know what it was. 

But it sounded like exactly what she wanted. 

At the time, Sybil was a grassroots advocate. But she felt trapped.

She loved what she was doing. But the sector not only didn’t pay her well, but looked down on those who were making money. 

Despite being in an industry that helped the world, there was no compassionate leadership in place to support those doing the work. She was dependent on her husband’s income as a result. 

Sybil wanted financial independence. And knew that she had to go it alone to make it happen, all while still doing good for the world.

She started working full-time for a family donor business to pay her bills. 

But the entrepreneurial seed had been planted. Her eyes were open. Aware that more and more people were asking her to help them give money to reliable non-profits. 

After one conversation with the donor family, her hours were reduced, and she was open to more business.

This was how Do Your Good began. 

How Do You Balance Compassionate Leadership With a Growing Business?

In Sybil’s decision to start her own business, she made a big change. 

But behind this rosy facade, the reality was that everything about her life was changing at the same time. 

She was in the midst of a divorce, and setting up a life by herself. The whole process made her realise that she had to get clear on what she wanted, who she wanted to be, and how it would all look. 

Sybil wanted to make a business, while still being laser-focused on making a positive impact and doing good for the world. 

Fast-forward today — she’s achieved that. 

But Sybil has big questions about how to scale while still remaining true to all that she has built. 

Is it growing pains?

Sybil’s business has two moving parts — consultancy and online products. 

Her consultancy is built from word-of-mouth. She has many clients that she loves to work with, and more lined up.

Whereas her online products are very new. She’s hired a marketing team to do the work she doesn’t know how to do. It’s still growing, but she has a host of online courses that are well-received. 

Maintaining the two requires working 80-hour weeks, and Sybil loves the process of it all. 

But she knows it’s not possible to maintain this kind of life. 

She doesn’t have time for family, is working on the weekends, and has little time to speak with friends. 

So when will she get it back? 

In this week’s episode, Sybil and I discuss how she can hire more people without losing her authenticity.

We discuss

  • The long-term impacts of her 80-hour work-week
  • How to plan for the next step in her business
  • Staying grounded in the culture she’s created as she grows

Sybil is super happy with where she is in her business, but she knows it’s growing and changing constantly, join us as we work out her next steps.