Dustin is the Founder of Serviss Wealth, a company that provides innovative financial and business advice. But Dustin found himself in a situation where he managed his business better than his life.

Today he takes us back to 2014.

At the time, he was a firm believer that you couldn’t have a work-life balance, and something had to be given up.

Dustin was freshly married and soon after that, he became a father.

He increasingly became busier with work and had less time to spend with his family which triggered a tense atmosphere at home.

Attempting to change the situation, he tried to surprise his wife with a gym session where they would reconnect like old times.

The only issue was that the day came, and he forgot.

And that’s when he knew something had to change.

Neglecting his family had to stop, so h developed an innovative strategy of the ‘spending accelerator’. 

He designed this novel concept to enhance spending power through prudent financial and business choices. 

In this episode we discuss,

  • What needs to be given up to achieve work-life balance
  • A new perspective on what wealth can consist of
  • How we can split the 168 hours we have in a week for work, sleep, and family

Dustin illustrates how he restructured his life by allocating the 168 hours in a week for work, sleep, and family, all inspired by a poignant moment with his wife and his goal-setting from an early age.

In this episode, Dustin’s story offers a roadmap for anyone struggling to achieve work-life balance and redefine their perception of wealth. 

The experiences he shares in this episode serve as a reminder that true wealth is about more than just money; it’s about time, relationships, and personal fulfilment.