1-on-1 Coaching

I help scale up founders take back control of their business and time. Triggers for an initial chat often include:

Strategic shifts or restructuring programs
Avoiding or bouncing back from burnout
Co-founder disconnection

"What surprised me was what felt like a simple case of work overload and stress was actually reflective of a deeper strategic shift that I needed to make. I don't think I'd have identified that without James and I definitely wouldn't have fixed it as quickly."

Ed Brandler

Ed Brandler


One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Alex’s business had flatlined. And he was stretched between 3 different offerings.

He felt frustrated… stuck. And on the edge of burnout.

He knew:

His business had potential
His health was at risk from the stress
As a founder, he felt alone, and was working too much as a result

Alex had his head down to try and save the business. He had faith. But what he was doing wasn’t working.

To save the business he needed to take a step back and rethink his approach.

Strong and Steady Growth

To unlock the potential — first we had to strip things back.

Alex got

Clear on his vision for his business and life.
Focused on the high quality, high satisfaction part of the business
A structure for a new management team with added responsibilities

The result?

As the saying goes, he was “on the business, not in it.”

He could take a step back. Shrug off the tasks that he didn’t need to do. And trust that his team would deliver.

Because of it, he 5x his revenue growth in 1 year.

Does Coaching Work?

What coached people say...


More Confidence


Improved Performance


ROI with Coaching

Source: Institute of Coaching

What Happens in a Session?

With regular sessions, 1-on-1 coaching will help you explore different aspects of your business and life and how you can improve them. Together, we:

1. Set objectives

Get clear on what you want to achieve through the coaching sessions. Set quarterly goals much like you do for your business. Be realistic but ambitious.

2. Tackle strategically and practically

Plan your way to achieving your vision. Reflect on your best processes. Go into the finer details to make it possible.

3. Support with empathy

Founders know founders best. Have regular contact with someone who’s been in your shoes.

What's on offer

I’ve broken down my 1-on-1 coaching offers into 3 categories. Each can be tailored to your own specific needs and starts with a 3 month discovery program.


1 x 1 hour session monthly
Clear objectives
Coaching to meet those objectives


2 x 1 hour sessions monthly
Clear objectives
Coaching to meet those objectives
Ad hoc support
Flexible longer sessions available


1 x 1.5 hour session monthly
Clear objectives
Coaching & consulting to meet those objectives
Ad hoc support
Monthly management accounts review
Quarterly half day strategy sessions
Annual budget & strategy support

What You Get from 1-on-1 Coaching

Feel excited about where things are going. Get back on track with…

Business Growth

Slow down to speed up. Make better-informed decisions. Approach things with a clear head. See your business benefit from the perspective.

More Time For Yourself

Focus on integration over balance. Stay productive. Prioritise your health AND your business.

Evolved Leadership

Retain control while letting go. Grow with your business. Make the jump — take a different approach.

Straight from the client...

Natalie Fee

James stepped into my life at a pivotal moment for my company and has proven to be an extremely talented coach, guiding me through big decisions whilst creating a reflective and safe space for growth, accountability and performance. 

His intuitive, holistic approach is the perfect companion to his wealth of business leadership experience - you and your business will be in better shape for having him in your life!

Natalie Fée

Founder, city to sea

Amar Chohan

James helped me with a strategic change project at Hoxo. It was immense to lean on his business knowledge and get weekly support as we implemented structural change within the agency. 

A super calm guy who helped coach me through new surroundings. Love the way he mixes business consultancy with coaching to provide clarity.

Amar chohan

founder, Hoxo Media


What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of highlighting and improving specific parts of your life. This can be in your career, productivity, health, or how you deal with emotions.

We do this by setting objectives for what you want to get out of coaching, and working towards those goals together with a direct, action-oriented plan.

What isn’t coaching?

Coaching isn’t therapy. Coaches help you to get back on track by clarifying your future goals and changing things that are no longer working. Although, sometimes it can be about processing emotions too.

Why is coaching and advisory important?

Sometimes you cannot see what the problem is. Instead you keep going and going and going. Wondering why what you’re doing is not working.

Coaching is important because it allows you to take a step back and see what’s making you stuck.

You cannot go through this process alone… you’ll just end up back where you started. A coach will help you to take that step back and change direction for good.

When is coaching needed?

Always. Right now. No matter what.

People often realise you need coaching when they’re already stuck or burnt out. That’s when I step in to help them get back on track.

But you can avoid that stuck phase. If you get a coach before the “sticking” happens, you’ll see the potholes before you reach them.

How can coaching help with leadership development?

As a leader, you’re dedicated to improving yourself so you can better serve your team. Coaching helps you to do that in a proactive way.

Instead of reading about what improvements you can make, you actively work on the habits and practical tips that will get you there.


Feel ready to become a better leader… partner… friend and keep growing your business at the same time? 

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