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"James stepped into my life at a pivotal moment for my company and has proven to be an extremely talented coach. You and your business will be in better shape for having him in your life!"

Natalie Fée

FOUNDER @ city to sea

Are You in the Danger Zone?

You worked 60+ hours last week.

You’ve got your business off the ground. Revenue is growing. It’s profitable. And, your team just gets bigger…. it’s exciting!

But you’ve hit a wall. And feel like you’re losing control.

You’re putting in more and more hours trying to go faster.

Head down. Laser-focused on the business. Your personal life and time for yourself cast aside.

As a result, you’re tired. Stressed. Burnt out. Alone...

And the irony is that you feel further away from your goal.

Working harder isn’t the solution. But you don’t know what is.

When You Could Be Thriving...

You’ve never felt so productive. In control.

There’s a weight that’s been lifted. You feel strong, supported, and focused.

As a leader, you’re developing and there for your team. Organised, clear headed, well rested. 

On the business, not in it.

And it’s helping you to make better decisions for you and your business.

You have a life outside of work again.

You’re seeing opportunities that you wouldn’t have before — and taking them.

Life is much smoother — but you’re reaching your goals faster. And in one piece!

What Clients Say

"There are some people whom you meet along your journey that you just know you'll have in your network for a long time. I'm privileged to have met James, and for this to be true.

James is helping me with his rather innovative and effective style of leadership coaching. He is curious, balanced and brings positive and thoughtful energy to every discussion, to every challenge.

Highly recommended (and his podcast is great too!)"

Simon barbato, Founder @ mr b & Friends

"You combine empathy with sharp strategy and I see you as a key member of my team. I'm so thankful you're in my corner."

Alex van Klaveren

Alex Van Klaveren, Founder @ Kandidate

"It is clear you truly care for your clients and are passionate about helping us achieve our goals and unlock our potential. I cannot thank you enough for your coaching, it has been transformational."  

Divia Bhatnagar


Why Do You Need a Founder Coach?

A space for you

Take a step back from your role. This is time to focus on you and your business for better results.


Being a founder is isolating… when it should be supportive. Connect with others to grow your business.

Optimise your life

Reject hustle culture and burn out. And take on a healthy approach to work and life to achieve your goals.

How I Work

To give you the support that best suits you and your business needs, there are a few options for founder coaching. Each can be tailored to your personal preferences…

1-on-1 Coaching

Solve problems and carve out a time exclusively for you in 1-on-1 coaching.

This is a chance for you to get clear on objectives, tackle challenges in a safe environment and ultimately, be listened to.

Often the start of the process is clearly identifying what those objectives and challenges are!

Advisory and Non Executive Director

As a Founder, the pressure’s on to make good decisions.

As your long-term advisor, I can guide you through the processes to make that role easier.

It’s my goal to help you to scale smoothly, at speed, and be with you every step of the way.

Strategy sessions every quarter to review goals, achievements and progress.

What You Get at The Peer Effect

Coach and entrepreneur

From one founder to another founder. Talk with someone who has been in your shoes. And knows how to get back on track.

Achieve your ambitions

Scale your business while still having a personal life. Set goals that align with your dreams in and out of work.

A fresh perspective

Take a step back. Have time to look at things differently. Be on the business, rather than in it. And achieve more with a new vision.

"James is a phenomenal leader, mentor and coach. Coming from a strong business background, he understands deeply the challenges that founders go through when scaling their businesses."

jay rahman

FOUNDER @ fractal systems

Peer Effect Podcast

A weekly chat with successful founders. Be a fly on the wall to their most pivotal and often disastrous moments, and explore what they learned from it.

On this podcast, the founder coaching door is open...


Why do CEOs need coaching?

It’s easy for CEOs to get caught up in the fast-pace nature of business. And coaching is a time to slow things down again. It offers a new perspective. And this helps CEOs to make better decisions for a business.

It can often be the different between scaling and not.

How can coaching improve leadership?

Not every Founder is a natural born leader or manager… sorry!

But you can learn to be one. A coach will support you in the process. To help you look at your strengths and weaknesses. And learn how to use them to manage your business in your own unique way.

What does a founder coach do?

Founder coaches help leaders to prepare for the next phase in their business journey.

A coach encourages founders to look at things differently. To be prepared for what lies ahead and support them as they plan to scale their business.

Coaches are support guides for business owners, and help with the more personal side of things, as it’s often what leads to more success!

What are your core values as a coach?

That I help in a way that is simple, direct and practical.

I want to get to the point… without using jargon. It’s all about impact.

This only works with a personal connection and trust...

Coaching is a very personal relationship and if we both don't feel the spark it's not going to work.

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